Keep a Lid on it: How to Upcycle Those Leftover Jam Jar Lids

Phill | August 31, 2016

We might be a little biased, but here at Spinks we just love how versatile our quality products are. And now that we’ve let you in on all the different jam jar uses up for grabs, it only makes sense to showcase the unassuming jam jar lid. We think you’ll be surprised at quite how useful these little fellows are. Hop onto our blog to get our shortlist of the ultimate jam jar lid upcycling tricks.



Image credit: Decorsteals

There’s something quaint about coasters. Whether you’re giving them as a kitsch gift, or you just want to stop those bothersome cuppas leaving marks on your otherwise pristine furniture, we think this clever bit of repurposing is ideal for your home! Grab one of our jam jar lids, cut out some cork inserts, and you’re all set. If that look is a tad too simple, give your coasters a bit more detail, adding a stamp to the cork or painting the lid rim your favourite colour. However you choose to do it, you’ll be left with something that’s both useful and a great talking point over tea and a slice of cake! What better?

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets

Image Credit: Unoriginal Mom

Ever wanted to dress up your kitchen? Well, we have a crafty solution! Personalise your fridge space with family snapshots, cute messages, or even some of the kids’ best doodles. Pop down to your local craft store for strips of self-adhesive magnet to stick to the back of your decorated jam jar lid. Whether you want to focus your creative genius or rope the kids in on this perfect rainy day craft activity, we know you’ll have something gorgeous to show for it once you’re done! Hop onto Unoriginal Mom’s site for a handy run through of how she’s done it.

Pin Cushions


Image Credit: Susan Penny

With the fashion for vintage clothes remaining popular, there’s even more reason for us to put those (sometimes rusty) sewing skills to use! The last thing you want whilst fixing up that loose button is to misplace the pesky thread and needle. So treat yourself to making one of these cute homemade pin cushions. Use our jam jar lid as the base, pick out your favourite floral fabrics, and let your creativity loose!


Collage Lid

Image Credit: Wonderful DIY

This is a personal favourite. Get on trend and write yourself a motivating message, at the same time as giving your home a dash of colour. We recommend finding scraps of old wallpaper or gift wrap as a base to your collage, and building from there. Choose some pastel shades to spell out a word that has special meaning to you, adding a flowery flourish to finish off, just like Wonderful DIY did. We love this clever collage idea as a simple way of bringing a bit of colour and interest. Bravo!

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Lids

Image Credit:  Crafty Morning

Any excuse for some festive cheer, right? Crack out that Christmas playlist, don the Christmas jumper (it might be summer, but we’re committed to this theme) and get a head-start on your yuletide decorations. You can give our jam jar lids a merry revamp, decorating them with as much glitter, ribbon, and snowflakes as possible. If the ‘less is more’ approach suits you better, then repainting the lid and adding a simple festive message will do the job. We think these will look positively gorgeous on your Christmas tree.

We’re seeing a theme here- you wouldn’t expect the humble jam jar lid to have so much on offer. But we’re pretty sure you think otherwise now! For the full range of Spinks products, have a browse of our website or call us to order directly.