Fruit Picking Season Has Arrived: Tips for Making that Perfect Preserve

Phill | September 2, 2016

It’s that time of the year again, Ladies and Gents- it’s fruit picking season. And we know what this means. It means that our cupboards can be brimming with homemade goodness in the form of some joyously scrummy jams. Fill up a few of our Spinks Compak jam jars with your sumptuous spreads, and you’re all set (excuse the pun).  Take a peek at our blog to find out some of our top tips for making the perfect jam:

Ready, SET, Go!

Jam fruit picking

Image Credit: The Kitchn

You’ve just finished rustling up the first jam of the season. A lovely fruity number, fit to burst with all those berries you’ve squeezed in. But disaster strikes! Alas, if you’re a jam making connoisseur you’ll know the agonies of your amateur days, waiting for your concoction to set properly. Mercifully, we’ve been doing our homework at Spinks. Testing your batch properly is key. Either you gauge the temperature with a thermometer (about 220°F should do it) or, if you don’t have one of these to hand, use the ‘saucer test’. Pour your syrup onto a chilled saucer and watch- if it still looks like syrup, it’s not quite done. Wait for it to form a skin that wrinkles when you give it a push, then…voila! You’re done!

Quality is Queen


Image Credit: getSURREY

Not to get philosophical, but as with so much in life, if you scrimp on the quality, you’ll end up reaping what you sow. So some big advice this fruit picking season is to let yourself be fussy! Don’t plump for second best when you’re deciding which berries make the cut. If you do, you’ll have to watch your lovingly made jam deteriorate. Tragedy.  So toss aside those ominous offshoots, and keep your quality top-notch.

The Golden Chalice…or Jam Jar


We don’t want to blow our own trumpets, but it seems pretty clear to us that the more hardwearing and higher quality your jam jar is, the longer your jam will last. So if you want to be enjoying these spreadable delights way into next summer (that is, if you can resist devouring them all by then), invest in some durable jam jars. They’ll keep all the nasties out and preserve…well, preserve your preserves. What’s more, it’ll make a positively gorgeous present that you won’t need to dress up. A good jam jar and a delicious jam…a marriage made in heaven!

Hot on Hygiene


Image Credit: Minor Goods

Whatever you do, don’t forget this golden rule: clean EVERYTHING. From your trusty old pan, to the spoons you stir with; make sure everything coming into contact with that precious jam is spotless. You might feel pedantic but believe us, sterilise all those utensils, and you’ll never look back. Do this, and your jam will have a long and bountiful life!

For a look into how our high-end products can help you this fruit picking season, take a peek at our website, or call us directly to order.