Charmed by Chutneys

Phill | September 8, 2016

Here at Spinks, we’ve given you the low down on all things sweet, from filling up our quality glass products with perfect preserves to loading them with some toothsome toffees. It seems only right, then, that we put the more savoury side of our personality into the limelight! So please welcome to the stage, the scrumptious chutney. Check out our blog to find out why chutneys are the unsung heroes of your kitchen cupboard:

Get Experimental


Image Credit: Local Kitchen

It’s time to mix things up! Whoever it was that said sweet and savoury aren’t a match made in heaven was oh-so-wrong. So get your experimental hat on and start blending. Take Local Kitchen’s tact and grab some fruity flavours (they like to use apple) and chuck in a hint of spice. Howsoever you choose to unleash your experimental side, you’re sure to have some culinary fun in the process!

Whatever the Season


Image Credit: Food to Glow

You may have noticed, but here at Spinks, we’re rather big fans of anything festive. That’s why chutneys make it into our top ten Christmas presents. Find yourself some cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg and some of those festive fruits and get set making yourself a merry concoction. What’s even better, fill up one of our chutney jars to the brim with some of this homemade goodness, stick a yuletide ribbon around it, and you’ll have a gorgeous gift your friends and family can enjoy year-round. Cheers to that!

Getting Cultural


Image Credit: Harris Farm

We’ve been doing our homework. Did you know that chutneys originally came from India? Well you do now! So with this new found knowledge, why not tinker in some cultural flavours. Whether you want to add a bit of a fiery kick to your creation or you just want to use more exotic ingredients, like the mango chutney above, you’ll be guaranteed of something a little different. Exciting stuff!

Dress It Up


Image Credit: Lifestyle

Feeling fancy? Then gorgeously garnish your cheese board with some chutney of your choice. Whether you’re entertaining those dinner guests or simply unwinding after a long week at work, partner your favourite cheese with some flavoursome chutney and you’re assured of a decadent treat! We recommend finding a fig-based chutney and coupling it with a slice of brie. Prepare yourself for a marriage made in heaven.



Image Credit: Feasty Geeks

It seems this humble little condiment can enhance any dish. Whether it’s slathered on your lunchtime sandwiches, or it’s adorning the side of your Sunday roast, having a tasty chutney goes a long way in adding a little pizzazz to your offering.

We’re fairly sure that, like us, you’ve been utterly charmed by chutneys. So why not jazz up those kitchen stores of yours, fill up some of our high quality chutney jars and reap the benefits! For a peek at our full range of hardwearing glass products, have a browse of our website or call us directly on 0113 235 0662 to order.