Taking Jam Jars Out of the Kitchen

Phill | August 19, 2016
fairy light jars - Brides Magazine

Here at Spinks Compak, we’re obsessed with the word ‘repurpose’ – in fact, we love it so much we pride ourselves on selling quality, hardwearing glass products that can easily be transformed, re-used and, well, repurposed throughout your home and establishment! Check out our blog for some fancy ideas on how to take your jam jars out of the kitchen, and give us a call on 0113 235 0662 to order our products!

Jam Jar Candles

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Image credit: Wedding Venues

Our fabulous jam jars aren’t just perfect for storing your homemade preserves; in fact, they’re a great way to give your amateur candles a unique glow, or just create an eye-catching set piece for your living room. Either fill the jar with your own, homemade wax, (personally we love a good festive apple and cinnamon blend), or use a ready-made candle from your local supermarket. As the flame dances around in the jar, you’re sure to be treated to a spectacular lightshow – no matter what your budget!

Fairy Light Fixtures

fairy light jars - Brides Magazine

Image credit: Brides Magazine

Combining a cheap set of fairy lights with a beautiful branded Kilner jar is a fantastic way to create a unique lighting fixture that looks equally at home in the living room, bar or cafe! Battery-powered fairy lights come in loads of shapes, colours and quantities, so feel free to experiment with different types to change up the atmosphere of your interiors – why not blend some red and gold sets this Christmas for a warm festive feeling? Fairy light jars can even be hung from the ceiling, but take extra care to make sure they’re safe and secure!

Desk Tidies

desk tidy - musely

Image credit: Musely

A tidy desk equals a tidy mind, right? Well if that’s the case, what does a unique and creative, beautifully organised desk equal? Jam jars have long had their place in the kitchen and lounge, and now fit right in on the modern (albeit retro-inspired) desk! Our versatile 1lb jars are great for storing pens and other stationery, and generally keeping your desk in good order so you can focus on getting creative. If you’ve got a glue gun lying around, why not try this unique stackable option courtesy of Musely?

All Natural Flower Pots

jam jar plant pots - of design

Image credit: Of Design

With more and more of us crammed into office jobs with little time to get outside and truly experience nature, it’s no wonder that sales of indoor plants and flowers continue to grow and grow! Storing your plants or flowers in our beautifully crafted jars, milk bottles or other glass products is a great way to infuse a bit of all-natural goodness into your living or workspace whilst adding a finishing touch of retro chic.

From milk bottles to le Parfait jars, Spinks Compak sell high quality glassware in bulk quantities at unbeatable prices! Browse our full range of products online and call us directly to order.