Five Fabulous Food Ideas for Jam Jars

Phill | August 18, 2016
Pink Grapefruit Jars - Steve the Bartender

Here at Spinks, we love it when our clients and customers take the opportunity to get a bit creative with our products; sure, our food grade jam jars are perfect for safely storing those delicious homemade preserves, but with on-trend, high quality pieces of glassware such as this, the possibilities really are endless! Check out the following blog for five ideas on how to get creative in the kitchen with your jam jars.

The Summer Salad

Layered Salad - BBC Good Food

Image credit: BBC Good Food

Ever find yourself craving something a bit more refreshing during those long summer days in the office? Perhaps you’re looking to curb those carbs and move away from sandwiches, but you can’t quite find something that takes your fancy. This delicious houmous-based salad option, courtesy of BBC Good Food, is a beautiful, filling alternative to the traditional lunch. And, housed in one of our beautiful 1lb jars, it’s sure to make you stand out in the office.

The Decadent Dessert

Brownies in a Jar - JustATaste

Image credit: Just A Taste

That’s right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – it’s brownies, in a jar. Using high quality glassware, these rich and tempting deserts can be beautifully housed in a range of jars, giving your cafe a unique twist, or just helping you “dress to impress” for special occasions and family meals. The brilliance of the ‘desert in a jar’ idea is that it can easily be reused for all manner of sweet treats that require setting and cooling time, so you don’t have to stop with brownies! (They’re probably a good place to start, though, brownies are always a good place to start).

The Killer Cocktail

Pink Grapefruit Jars - Steve the Bartender

Image credit: Steve the Bartender

The timeless trend for retro-chic, 1950’s inspired interiors and accessories isn’t showing any sign of going out of fashion, so why hasn’t your bar or cafe jumped on board yet? Gone are the times of champagne flutes and murky tumblers; it’s time to get creative with your cocktails. Throwing a selection of freshly picked, seasonal berries with a handful of crushed ice and a generous helping of quality liquor in a stunning jar is an easy (and cheap) way of making sure your drinks create a cool impression. Add a light sugar dusting to the rim of the jar to please those customers with a bit of a sweet tooth!

The Breakfast that Breaks with Tradition


We all need something a little extra-special to get us out of bed in the morning, right? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but finding something wholesome without packing in loads of sugar can be a tricky task! Why not try blending some wholly natural yoghurt with a selection of organic fresh fruit and berries for a flavoursome way to start your day. If you’re still looking for something a bit more substantial, throw in some oats to turn a quick snack into a nutritious meal.

The Treasure Trove


We’ve all got a few guilty pleasures lying around the house, from packets of crisps to leftover ‘Celebrations’ tins, that we dip into every now and then when we think no-one’s looking. Our stoppered jars are all fully airtight, meaning they’re the perfect place to store all of those sweet treats you’ve been hording. If you’re trying to avoid chocolate and other processed products, switch things up with some dried fruits and nuts. (Here’s a little tip, these beautiful products can easily be repurposed as wedding favours; tie a ribbon around the stopper for that extra hint of personalisation).

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