Charmed by Chutneys

Here at Spinks, we’ve given you the low down on all things sweet, from filling up our quality glass products with perfect preserves to loading them with some toothsome toffees. It seems only right, then, that we put the more savoury side of our personality into the limelight! So please welcome to the stage, the

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Fruit Picking Season Has Arrived: Tips for Making that Perfect Preserve

It’s that time of the year again, Ladies and Gents- it’s fruit picking season. And we know what this means. It means that our cupboards can be brimming with homemade goodness in the form of some joyously scrummy jams. Fill up a few of our Spinks Compak jam jars with your sumptuous spreads, and you’re

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Keep a Lid on it: How to Upcycle Those Leftover Jam Jar Lids

Collage Lid
We might be a little biased, but here at Spinks we just love how versatile our quality products are. And now that we’ve let you in on all the different jam jar uses up for grabs, it only makes sense to showcase the unassuming jam jar lid. We think you’ll be surprised at quite how

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Taking Jam Jars Out of the Kitchen

fairy light jars - Brides Magazine
Here at Spinks Compak, we’re obsessed with the word ‘repurpose’ – in fact, we love it so much we pride ourselves on selling quality, hardwearing glass products that can easily be transformed, re-used and, well, repurposed throughout your home and establishment! Check out our blog for some fancy ideas on how to take your jam

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Five Fabulous Food Ideas for Jam Jars

Pink Grapefruit Jars - Steve the Bartender
Here at Spinks, we love it when our clients and customers take the opportunity to get a bit creative with our products; sure, our food grade jam jars are perfect for safely storing those delicious homemade preserves, but with on-trend, high quality pieces of glassware such as this, the possibilities really are endless! Check out

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New website goes live!

We are delighted to announce the revamped version of our website has gone live today. After months of hard work behind the scenes from every member of our team, we’ve updated information and brand new photos of our spectacular product range for you to browse through when purchasing from Spinks. This is just the start, and there will be

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